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Large, Secure, Strong weather proof storage vaults dropped off at your door step!

At your own pace, you load your possessions, and when you're ready, we'll pick it up.

Your storage vaults are stored at our secure facilities. You have access to them, or we'll deliver back to you.

Just thinking about moving can be overwhelming, especially if you'll be in need of storage for some of your belongings. The hassle of dragging everything to a mini-storage facility can be daunting. That's why the option of NORTHRIDGE Portable storage is so appealing to many people. At Your Door Self Stor provides secure NORTHRIDGE Storage boxes brought, just as the name says, to your door.

Instead of guesstimating your storage needs, NORTHRIDGE Portable storage allows you to accurately pack and use only the space you need. This in turn saves you money. Use as few or as many of our NORTHRIDGE Storage boxes as you choose, given the size of the items you're storing. Each container holds about one and a half rooms of furniture, making it easy to predict your needs.

There are other providers of NORTHRIDGE Portable storage out there, and, at first glance, they look similar. But there are big differences between our NORTHRIDGE Storage boxes and theirs. Most of our competitors provide aluminum units, which may seem sturdy, but which have proven to hold damaging humidity because the material doesn't breathe at all. Our containers are made of solid wood, like the ones movers have been using for 100 years. Wood is softer, making it gentler on your valuables, and the wood allows moisture to escape. We provide a weatherproof cover that will keep your unit well protected.

You may have seen other company's NORTHRIDGE Portable storage units with roll-up doors, the type you'd see on a truck. These prevent you from stacking and packing your possessions as tightly, because space must be left for the door to roll. Our NORTHRIDGE Storage boxes have doors that swing up, which makes them easier to load and unload. It also means you'll be able to fit more into each unit, saving you money. The modular design allows you to keep delicate items packed in a separate container from sturdier items if you choose.

Once we deliver the NORTHRIDGE Storage boxes you can pack at your own pace , there's no rush. Just give us a call when they're full, and we'll come by. If you need more space, we'll drop off another container, so there's no need to overestimate the way you would if renting regular storage space. Our NORTHRIDGE Portable storage units are small enough to fit in a driveway, so they won't overwhelm your home. The savings is significant, and the convenience is unparalleled.

Once your NORTHRIDGE Storage boxes leave your home, they are transported to out secure storage facility. Unlike other NORTHRIDGE Portable storage set-ups, we provide 24-hour surveillance. We also allow easy access to your things, with just a few hours' notice. Call us when you need access, and we'll move your units into a special easy-access area. Or we can bring them to your new or current home! Whatever you need, At Your Door has the flexibility to do it.


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